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Was Donald Trump a Military Man?

Within his office, there is a display of Challenge Coins.

In a photo that showed an insight into his Mar-a-Lago office, former President Donald Trump flaunted his challenge coin display.

Trump’s former senior advisor Stephen Miller posted the photo to Twitter on Monday. Therefore, he gave followers a peek inside the Florida office.

Miller can be seen standing next to Trump, who is seated at his desk, arms folded over pieces of paper, in the photo.

A snapshot of Marine One flying over Mount Rushmore, a souvenir piece of the border wall, and a small figurine of Trump himself were among the fascinating things that surrounded the couple.

A display of Trump’s challenge coins, which he had transferred from the Oval Office, was also located on the same desk as the statue. Historically, challenge coins were used to prove membership in an association and to celebrate special accomplishments.

Although not all challenge coins are military-themed, former President Trump got some from US military personnel, including one handed to him by Vice-Admiral Dave Johnson during a November 2016 security briefing.

Despite the fact that Trump had never served in the military and was notable for avoiding the Vietnam draft four times while in college, he was excluded from service in 1972 due to bone spurs, which are the forming of a new bone on the surface of an existing one.

“I like people who weren’t captured,” Trump said in July 2015, mocking the late prisoner of war and Arizona Senator John McCain’s military service.

During Trump’s nationally televised speech on the government shutdown in January 2019, eagle-eyed audiences would note the challenge coins on display.

The White House Military Office, which planned coins for Trump’s international trips, including the contentious June 2018 meeting between the former president and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, minted commemorative items.

The White House gift shop also sells a number of presidential coins commemorating key moments in Trump’s presidency, but these are not official and are more of a collector’s item.

Presidents have released challenge coins since Bill Clinton’s presidency, when he kept several ones on his desk that he had gotten from service members. They were also seen standing behind the then-president in one of his official portraits.

When given the chance, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama made a habit of handing out coins, with both often offering them to service members.

Donald Trump kept his challenge coin collection that was accumulated during his four-year term in office.

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