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One of Disney Plus’s Best Shows was Recently Canceled

So, this is perplexing. The excellent Spider-Man: The Animated Series seems to have been removed from Disney Plus without notice or clarification. Fans are Confused

The hit animated series, which aired from 1994 to 1998, was one of the few Spider-Man solo episodes available on Netflix. None of Spider-films, Man’s including his two MCU films, are currently available on Disney Plus due to complicated legal and contractual obligations with Sony. That leaves only a small number of animated shows of varying quality for anyone seeking wallcrawling entertainment.

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Spider-Man: The Animated Series was obviously the best of the Spider-Man cartoons available on Disney Plus. That’s why fans all over the world are baffled as to where it’s gone.

The good news is that after contacting the Disney Plus helpline, Twitter user PeteyBatts received assurance that the show will be returning to the service at some point. The bad news is that we really have no idea why it left in the first place or when it will return. It is certainly not available in the UK at the time of publishing.

“Thank you for contacting us about Spider-Man not being available on Disney Plus! I fully understand your dissatisfaction with this situation, but please know that we are aware of the problem and are actively working to resolve it “The message clarifies.

“Spider-Man (1994) will be returning to the service soon, although no precise dates are available at this time. I’d recommend trying out the Disney Plus app at a later time.”

To be honest, I had no desire to watch Spider-Man: The Animated Series when it was available on Disney Plus. It’s all I can think about now that it’s gone. Isn’t it always like this?

As part of a new Sony deal, Spider-Man movies will finally be available on Disney Plus

Although Disney Plus has a great range of movies and TV shows that would appeal to any Marvel fan, it has always seemed a little lacking. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is exclusive to the streaming service, which also features old Fox films including X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is the only hero who isn’t there.

Sure, there are a few classic Spidey cartoons on Disney Plus, but none of his films are available. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to see the original Sam Raimi trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man movies, or the recent Tom Holland installments. Alternatively, you might simply play one of the many fantastic Spider-Man games available.

For the completionists out there, the lack of Holland films on Disney Plus has been particularly vexing. Since they are a member of the MCU, their absence means that a full re-watch of all MCU titles on Disney Plus is not feasible.

The good news is that this will improve in the near future. Disney and Sony have just announced a “unprecedented” new deal in which Spider-Man films from the past and present, as well as other Sony films, will be added to the Disney Plus collection.

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