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Donald Trump’s ‘interview’ With Sean Hannity’s 35 Most Outrageous Lines

Former President Donald Trump spoke with Sean Hannity of Fox News on Monday night for his first on-camera interview since leaving the White House in January

  1. “We’re seeing a lot of people, to be sure. We’re seeing a lot of good Republicans and good Americans, and even great Americans in some situations. And we’re putting in a lot of effort.”

2. “You’re impeached for nothing you’ve done wrong. Then you’re impeached again for doing nothing wrong.”

3. “And I think we’re going to see something that starts in ’22 and ends in ’24,” he says.

4. “But at West Point, I was on a slick, slick ramp made of steel, very steep and very long, with no railings, no nothing, and it was pouring. And the last thing I want to do is fall, because Gerald Ford’s fall was disastrous.

5. “Air Force One is, after all, a very large aircraft. And what they normally try to do is block the wind. You know, you can turn it in angles when they park it, so you never have too many. I’ve never seen a situation where there was too much wind.”

6. “Nobody was harder on Russia than the United States. And, to be honest, getting along with Vladimir Putin is beneficial. And I got along swimmingly with him.”

7. “So there’s something going on in Taiwan right now. Something is possibly going on in Ukraine. When I was president, this was never a hot topic.”

8. “I have a fantastic friendship with a certain man who wields enormous influence in North Korea.”

9. “The Russian hoax did a lot of damage to our future relationship with Russia.”

10. “The wall, having the wall constructed, and the wall we’ve built — we’re almost 500 miles in and it’s been a breeze.”

11. “The construction of the wall is important. Anything that goes with the wall, including the technology that goes into and with the wall, is critical.”

12. “Another thing is that they aren’t giving us their best staff. They are sending us murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, and really bad — rapists, really bad people in certain cases, but not all cases.”

13. “Very simple, more liberty, more freedom, of belief in the Constitution, lower taxes, less bureaucracy, constitutionalists on the bench. You want secure borders, legal immigration, energy independence. You believe in law and order, safety and security for every American. Simple stuff. School choice.”

14. “There are so many things to choose from that — look, we got 75 million votes. By far more than any other sitting president in history.”

15. “I’m not sure if you’re aware, Sean, but in a second term, a president normally receives fewer votes. I received an additional 12 million dollars. From 63 to 75, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened in history. Never before has anything like this happened. Both of these things are positive.”

16. “And I’m not sure if Joe is aware of what’s going on, but I believe you have a cabal, a group of people sitting around a table telling you to do this, do this, do this. They’re asking him to sign these documents. It’s difficult to believe.”

17. “It was planned that we will lose 25 seats. I became interested. I made 56 phone calls to various districts. And instead of losing 25, we were able to pick up 16 points.”

18. “Lisa Murkowski is an embarrassment. She’s a complete mess, in my opinion.”

19. “And I was making phone calls to nominate congressmen.”

20. “The Republican Party has grown.”

21. “However, when I endorse people, I’m at 128 and two.”

22. “You know, I cut taxes more than any other president in history.”

23. “We did a fantastic job. We didn’t get much credit for the excellent work we did.”

24. “I’m going to send you some breaking news. Pfizer has made a deal with the FDA. And the FDA’s treatment of Johnson & Johnson is ridiculous.”

25. “They want me to do a commercial, some commercial, I explained. They even take this break.”

26. “You know, I’m one of those people who can be liked by everyone. But I’m not going to be very good at it.”

27. “What they did with Johnson & Johnson is really suspicious, in my opinion, because Pfizer and Moderna are the only ones who are pleased about it. The only people who are pleased about it are those who did something bad, terrible.”

28. “At least eight senators would have lost their seats, I believe. I might list them, but I don’t want to shame them, but Mitch, who is going south, is one of them.”

29. “And I’m well-known in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of my favorite states. They all adore me.”

30. “Look, almost anyone I help succeeds.”

31. “But you know what? I enjoy doing it because it allows me to assist others. And I’ve aided them more than any other president in terms of tax cuts, rules, and the freedom to try.”

32. “I’ve also introduced a feature called Space Force. It’ll be enormously powerful and important.”

33. “I got some fantastic results. Nobody has ever had the same results as me. No current president has even come near. Since they see how bad things are at the border, he has more support now than he did the day before the election.”

34. “President Putin and I got along swimmingly. He was appealing to me. He had a thing for me. That’s a positive thing, not a negative one.”

35. “It’s beneficial to get along with Russia. It is a good thing, not a bad thing, to get along with these nations.”

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