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Dem’s Radical Assault on Democracy Exposed

Democrats’ bill ‘opens the door to every single form of voter fraud that I am aware of,’ ex-Kansas secretary of state tells Laura Ingraham

Former Kansas Secretary of state Kris Kobach joined “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday to discuss House Democrats’ massive election reform bill, which was passed last week. 

KOBACH: It’s based on the myth that photo ID laws and other election security measures disproportionately affect Black and other minority Americans, and that’s empirically false. In fact, if anything, the evidence shows the opposite.

Even more importantly, the polling data shows that minority Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of photo ID laws. They know that a person’s skin color doesn’t affect his ability to bring a photo ID to the polls. And the recent Gallup poll showed that 77% of non-White voters favor photo ID laws for voting. That’s an extraordinary number, and they agree with the vast majority of Americans of all categories who say — about four out of five, 80% — say that they favor photo I.D. laws.

It’s a racist argument that the left is making. They’re making the argument that a person’s skin color affects [their] ability to acquire and bring a photo ID and also literally telling them ‘You don’t know what’s good for you.’ … You’ve got more than a dozen states that have them [voter ID laws]. I implemented our law in Kansas, which came in in 2011. It worked very effectively and was overwhelmingly well-received by the voters of Kansas. And the same is true in the other states that have it. 

This bill is every bad idea about election law wrapped into one enormous, disastrous bill … People get on the voter rolls either intentionally or unintentionally when they go to get a driver’s license and they’re not U.S. citizens. It’s a huge problem. States like Kansas and three other states have a proof of citizenship requirement. This H.R. 1 [bill] would obliterate states that want proof of citizenship requirements when you register to vote. It just opens the door to every single form of voter fraud that I am aware of … and I saw as secretary of state. 

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