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Biden Pressed on the Topic of Child Migration

Joe Biden, in his first press conference as President of the United States, reported that the influx of Child Migration at the border has many triggers

According to the most recent figures, over 17,000 children are being held in government-run detention centers. He also spoke about weapons, foreign policy, and the US Covid-19 response during the hour-long event. The case, however, was dominated by questions about the situation at the US-Mexico border.

Mr Biden blamed his predecessor Donald Trump for the increasing humanitarian crisis on the southern border. During a White House press conference he said it was common for the US to see an influx of migrants during the cooler months.

“The fact is, nothing has changed,” he said, adding, “The reason they’re coming is because it’s the time of year when they have the least risk of dying on the way due to the desert heat.”

“I’d like to believe it’s because I’m a good person,” he said, describing the surge as a cyclical occurrence. He also pointed the finger at “circumstances in their world,” such as natural disasters, violence, and a lack of economic opportunities. The US Customs and Border Protection agency reports on the number of “encounters” at the southwest land border on a monthly basis.

78,442 and 100,441 people were arrested in January and February 2021, respectively. In comparison to previous years, this is a substantial rise. Still, the largest number in recent years occurred in May of this year, during President Donald Trump’s presidency, when over 140,000 people were apprehended by authorities.

What is the cause of the uptick?

The spike at the southern US border is being fuelled by a variety of factors. They are as follows:

Biden’s Hope – As he traveled from Honduras, 17-year-old Michael told BBC News, “They told us that the US President will order the removal of all obstacles in our way.”

Natural catastrophe – “With [Hurricane] Eta, our houses were destroyed. All was taken away from us “Jacqueline, a pregnant 19-year-old who is walking to the United States, says

Gang Violence – “We attempted to restart our company, but they demanded payment. We were extortion victims “Jacqueline continues.

Violence in Central America – “It is necessary to take a chance on anything. However, it is preferable to risk your life here “On their trip through Mexico, her husband Lionel says. “You could get killed in Honduras anyway.”

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